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Recruiters are not marketers, or researchers, copywriters, sourcing experts, or data analysts, according to a recent article by Graeme Johnson on ERE. While that article was chock full of true statements and accurate analyses of recruiter strengths and focuses, it also grossly undervalues the skill and strategy involved in recruiting.

Johnson paraphrases a 2014 Deloitte study, High Impact Talent Acquisition, in his piece, praising the relationship between hiring authority and recruiter as the top predictor of a successful hiring outcome, regardless of marketing tactic. This was the basis of his piece: that the best recruiters are skilled in maintaining relationships, and, to him, that’s not marketing.

But what the study actually says is the ability to develop “strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance.” Now this is a subtle difference in wording, but the meaning shifts drastically. TA teams are more likely to perform well overall if they can develop strong relationships with their internal hiring authorities. Johnson implies that successful hires are a direct result of maintaining relationships, and that’s simply not what the study indicates.


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