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You may think all recruiters are created equal, but the truth is there are a lot of different types of recruiters and recruiting firms out there. Working with a niche recruiting firm means working with one that specializes in your organization’s industry. Each recruiter dedicates 100% of their time to a designated industry and job function, comprising a team of highly knowledgeable experts. 

But are there any benefits to using a niche recruiter over a more general recruiter? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

1. They spend every day, day in and day out, finding the specialized candidates you need, far beyond the list of applicants to job postings.

Niche recruiters attend industry-specific conferences, seminars and trade shows, like Automation Conference & Expo for industrial automation professionals or Build Expo for construction professionals, converting passive candidates into potential hires. In addition, their database is chock-full of candidates who do exactly what you’re looking for, and whom they can reach out to instantly to address your needs.

2. They offer a true consultancy layer to their services at no additional cost.

If there is an unusual aspect to your opening, a recruiter familiar with your industry can inform you of the potential impact it can have on your search. You may have to look outside your preferred hiring zone or offer a more competitive salary, but know that a niche recruiter will steer you in a clearer direction than one who has limited exposure to your industry. The best niche recruiters can even give you an analysis of your job description and assess your expectations realistically due to such a long tenure in their role.

3. Niche recruiters know how to package and sell your organization to candidates.

Because industry specialists understand the job market, candidates and other similar companies, they know how to highlight the aspects that will appeal to prospective applicants. This also allows them to deliver well-matched candidates culturally.

4. They fill your positions more efficiently.

Specialized searches have a learning curve. Niche recruiters don’t haveto worry about the ramp up time, which saves you money no matter how you slice it. You certainly don’t want your specialists and leaders spending time searching LinkedIn and Monster for prospective hires just because they know what the unique needs of the position are, and a generalist will have to spend extra time researching those things in order to successfully place qualified candidates.

5. They have credibility with hiring managers and candidates alike.

Using a recruiter who is known in a niche space should make your internal staff more comfortable than a random recruiter. There is an understanding for candidates that you (meaning, your organization) are doing everything possible to fill your need, and an understanding for you that new hires will be sourced on target.

6. You won’t need to see as many candidates to get a top person hired.

Specialized recruiters will have already screened the B and C candidates out. You will get fewer resumes in your inbox and they will hit the mark, or be incredibly close to it.

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