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Do you know the true cost of your sales vacancy? Chances are, you’re not factoring in everything you should.

We built this handy calculator to see the unique cost of your sales vacancy based on your territory value, sales goals of the open position and the amount of time your job has sat unfilled. Can you afford to leave that desk open for one day longer? 

We bet the answer is, “No.” 

Now that you know the price you’re paying for every day your job sits open, it’s time to do something about it. Working with a niche recruiting firm will help you fill vacancies faster, find A players for those openings, and eliminate hours of reviewing and interviewing time from your workload. And when the position is a sales opening, you can actually see the dollar figure you’re saving.

Recruiters help you fill sales vacancies faster

When you have an empty sales desk sitting open for weeks and months on end, you lose revenue and open your organization up to lost market share as well. Even if you’re seeking a sales person for a new territory, every day that position is open is one more day that your competitor can establish themselves, making it harder for you to break into it.

Recruiters find A players for your sales openings

Did you know that A candidates are 50% more productive than B candidates? An A player is one who is hard working, intelligent and ethical; they are constantly pushing themselves to do better and work smarter. Filling your opening with a B sales professional may fix your numbers short term, but they’re not going to take your business to the next level. You want a sales employee with the qualities to win, and a niche recruiter knows exactly how to find them and get them to work for you.

Recruiters eliminate hours of reviewing and interviewing time from your workload

In our latest case study, our client SIA* explained how they have a stack of 95 resumes from job boards sitting on the HR Director’s desk on any given day. She has to weed through those, call the candidates, and schedule interviews with the hiring manager. No one on the team has time for that, and you don’t either.  

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