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Need some quick helpful tips on how to better your LinkedIn profile? You’ve come to the right place. Below are 9 useful tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and be more professional.

1. Keep profile basics up to date

Now this may seem obvious, but it’s important to always have your profile up to date. Most people neglect to update their location as well as industry, which can make it very difficult to be found in relevant search results. Don’t forget to showcase your new skills as you grow.

2. Stun them with your Sections

LinkedIn offers the ability to add an array of sections to your profile, including Honors & Awards, Volunteering, Portfolio and Languages. Use these categories to showcase how well rounded you are. Even college work that doesn’t fall under a specific work experience can be included when you *literally* update outside the box.

3. Using keywords is key

Keywords equal connections on LinkedIn so make sure you use relevant terms. Choose keywords that you want people to find you with. Sometimes your keywords are the difference between making connections and remaining under the radar.

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4. Don’t forget the visuals

One quick way to have your LinkedIn profile stand out is to make it more visually appealing. Add a background / header picture (LinkedIn recommends 1584 x 396 px resolution). Profiles that include photos are 11x more likely to be viewed.

5. Update your profile URL

Change your profile URL from a bunch of random numbers that it assigns you with, to your name by customizing it. This will help your profile seem more professional.

6. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn offers many ways to connect with others including groups. There are several types of groups, lots of people enjoy joining groups that follow a particular niche. Or perhaps you just want to join one of your favorite publication. Either way groups are something that can get you one step closer to making connections with the people you want!

7. Make it personal

Most people forget you are more than just your resumé on LinkedIn. Make your summary personal, aside from your impressive skills include passions, goals, and things you do besides that. This is an important way for people to get to know you!

8. Reflect a positive attitude

Remember, a positive attitude goes a long way! Don’t be negative in your posts or bash coworkers in updates, because what you say reflects directly on you. Recruiters and prospective hiring managers are much more likely to approach you if you post encouragingly and share information, but will actively avoid you if you give yourself a negative reputation.

9. Ask for recommendations

Use the “Ask to be Recommended” feature on LinkedIn; it will let you choose who you want to write it, what you want to be recommended for, and even includes a personal message. In your personal message make sure to include specific skills or experience you’d like them to include; go into detail.

Overall, be professional and be yourself. Get out there and update your LinkedIn profile!

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