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Knowing what not to do in a job interview can be just as tricky as knowing what to do, and absolutely nobody wants a company to call their interview an interview fail. Avoid this list of interview faux pas, and you’ll certainly leave a good impression on the recruiter or hiring manager interviewing you.

5. Misuse Body Language

Body language, when used effectively, can be a very useful tool in gaining your interviewer’s favor. However, just as easily as it can land you the job, it can also ensure that you’ll never see that office again.

Avoiding eye contact and refusing to smile at your interviewer will portray you as cold and nervous, and fidgeting with papers on the desk or some object in your hand is an unnecessary distraction that you should really try to avoid.

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4. Check Your Phone

Speaking of objects in your hand, make sure that your phone is not one of them. Checking your phone during an interview is a faux pas that you certainly do not want to make. It gives off an air of arrogance and disinterest that your interviewer will associate with you throughout the entire process.

3. Not Dress the Part

While casual business attire is becoming a trend in the professional world, it is certainly not advantageous to wear it to your job interview unless requested by the company. Dressing in professional business attire is a surefire way to make a great first impression on your interviewer.

Of course, overdressing can also pose a problem. It’s best not to dress in a flashy way or flaunt brand logos as it will make you appear arrogant.

2. Ramble

Going on and on about yourself is the best way to appear narcissistic and unprepared. Before your meeting, be sure to prepare clear-cut and succinct answers to any common interview questions to ensure that you don’t talk your interviewer’s ear off.

1. Badmouth Your Current Employer

If there is anything on this list that you absolutely cannot do, it is speak negatively of your previous employer, no matter how horrendous they might have been. Doing this will show your interviewer that you love to gossip, and it will make you seem incredibly unprofessional.

Of course there’s nothing on this list worse than showing up to your interview completely unprepared. 

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