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In this day and age, LinkedIn is a necessary social media platform for professional networking. To fully capitalize on LinkedIn’s amazing network-expanding potential, you have to optimize your profile and time to truly maximize your breadth and increase your visibility.

Maximize your breadth

The wide-range of connection possibilities that LinkedIn provides to its users is honestly astounding. With more than 467 million users, the platform is comprised of professionals from all industries and experience levels; it is certainly an asset that you want to capitalize on.

Maximizing breadth on LinkedIn will help you learn about business and understand hierarchy levels. One way to do this essentially entails establishing connections with as many people as possible.

  • Start by making sure your address book is imported to LinkedIn. People you already know from real-life interactions are valuable assets, and their networking potential over LinkedIn may surprise you.
  • From there, check the People you may Know box as it lists LinkedIn users that the system believes you may have come in contact with. Either you attended the same school or workplace at the same time, have several mutual connections or demonstrate a similar work history to yourself.
  • Connecting with people who view your profile is also a key part of maximizing breadth on LinkedIn. Sending the first message to a profile viewer can make a good first impression and definitely helps make networking over the service feel more personal.
  • Joining groups and connecting with LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) are both surefire ways to increase your breadth on the network. Joining a group can allow you to interact with professionals of similar interests, and connecting with LIONs can net you an impressive number of connections as they tend to expose your profile to millions of users.

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Optimizing Visiblity on LinkedIn

Once you’ve maximized your breadth on LinkedIn, you may notice that your profile visibility has also skyrocketed, and depending on how complete and engaging your profile is, that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

A good LinkedIn profile should effectively and accurately capture your business goals while filling every element with rich keywords to ensure that any viewers leave with a great first impression. Additionally, having a professional head shot set as your profile picture is a must.

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It is also important to know your target audience and to adjust your profile accordingly to ensure that it is more visible to them. Using relevant and common keywords to your expertise works wonders in attracting the right audience, so does sharing industry related content and updates.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for professionals to have at their disposal. Of course, one article full of tips on the subject certainly won’t make you a master of the platform.

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