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Healthcare Staffing

The talent needs in healthcare are broad in scope, grand in scale and, notably, never ending.  At Avenues, we believe the process of identifying the distinctive sets of skills necessary for your success requires an intimate understanding of the healthcare sector – an understanding born from our years of experience.

Not just people but talent.

Talent.  Educated, experienced, and dedicated talent.  You’re in no position to accept anything less.  From clinicians to physicians, Avenues only recruits candidates with proven track records.

An eye on the bottom line.

While filling your staffing needs is critical, so is managing your expenses.  We not only understand that but dedicate ourselves to providing quality staffing solutions that also make sound financial sense.

Service as if we were sitting in your chair.

The Avenues process is designed to serve your needs as if we were an extension of your organization.  Some situations will call for immediate solutions. Others might allow for a longer search. Regardless, we’ll be there. And just like you, we’ll be responsive, tailored and accountable.  

Benefits of Working with an
Outside Recruiting Firm

Spend Less

The average annual salary of a talent acquisition manager is $65,000, according to Glassdoor. And that’s just their salary expense. Bringing in a third-party recruiting firm gives you an entire team of talent acquisition managers for a fraction of the cost.

Save Time

You could spend countless hours researching the market, identifying top-tier candidates, convincing them to come work for your company, screening them, interviewing them, onboarding them, etc. all on top of your routine tasks, assignments and projects, or you could let us do it.

Build a Partnership

The best recruiting firms become an extension of your in-house HR department. We understand your culture and values, are there providing feedback and recommendations throughout the process, and feel more like a partner than a transaction.



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