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Join our Team

Want to join our team?

Avenues now offers independent recruiters the opportunity to join an established name in the industry, ours, no matter where you live. If you are looking for the flexibility to work where and when you want while tapping into our extensive database of clients and candidates without handing over half of your fee, here is your chance.


Work from home

Or at your favorite coffee shop, or on the beach, or on vacation. Literally work from wherever you want to. All you need is an internet connection and telephone access.

Set your own hours

While most of our candidates and clients work a traditional 8-5 day, we operate nationwide. You can set your own hours around your availability. Doctor’s appointment in the middle of the afternoon? No problem! Bootcamp every Tuesday at 11 a.m.? Never miss it!

Give credibility to your business

Established organizations want to work with other established organizations. Working from your garage is fine if you’ve got a known-company to support you. Use the Avenues name and branding while communicating with clients and candidates so your hard work earns the clout it deserves.

Access our Database

Dive into our database to save countless hours and headaches. We’ve got thousands of industry companies, contacts and resumes in our database; and we add more every single day. By joining the Avenues team, you will have immediate access to all of it.

Use our Research Department

We have dedicated resources in-house to help you fill orders fast. Our Researcher team’s sole responsibility is to find qualified candidates to fill open job orders so you can focus on client relationships and business development.

Never send another invoice

Let us handle all of the back office administration of recruiting. Accounts receivable, delinquent accounts, stress. Forget the tasks that frustrate you and leave them to our accounting team to manage.

Establish your personal brand

Utilize our marketing collateral across all of your social networks and communications with clients or candidates. We post weekly blog posts, develop premium marketing content and more. By joining our team, you can share and distribute this content as your own.

Automate your process

Avenues has a robust catalog of tools to help simplify your life. We have marketing automation, workflow automation, efficient mass email processes and so much more to simplify your life. You’ll wonder how you ever were able to work without it.

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